Forecast: (AIN) for 2024-2028
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Forecast: (AIN) for 2024-2028

Updated: January 23, 2024

An Insight into Albany International Corporation

Ticker: AIN

Sector: Manufacturing

Closing price of the last trading day: $

Last trading day: 01/01/1970

Analyst forecast price: $108.8

52-week high/low: $114.12 / $77.99

On the global stage, Albany International Corporation commands attention, with its shares actively traded under the ticker AIN. A notable entity in the "Manufacturing" sector, it showcases a blend of innovation and market resilience. Nestled at 216 AIRPORT DRIVE, ROCHESTER, NH, US, the head office stands as a nexus where strategic decisions and innovations emanate. It boasts a market capitalization of $2 728 128 000, reflecting its substantial footprint in the industry. With 31 200 000 shares oscillating in the vibrant market, every transaction echoes the company’s undeterred progression. A glimpse into the last fiscal year reveals EBITDA standing at 238 602 000$. This financial robustness underscores profitability and sustainable business acumen. The spotlight also shines on the PE ratio, positioned at 27.67. It translates to an investment payback period of roughly 28 years, casting light on profitability timelines. This stretches into a long-term financial commitment, tailored for investors with a speculative and patient approach.

Engaging in a deeper analytical discourse, investors and market watchers alike often turn to resources like Here, comprehensive insights, data analytics, and predictive metrics about companies like Albany International Corporation are made available. This rich reservoir of information aids in informed decision-making, blending historical data with future predictions to paint a holistic picture of stock performance trajectories.

Unraveling Albany International Corporation (AIN) Stock Predictions for 2029

In the dynamic world of stock trading, precise and comprehensive forecasts are crucial. For investors eyeing Albany International Corporation and its promising trajectory, we have meticulously collated insights from various analyst forecasts. Our consensus forecast for 2029 is a composite reflection of diverse expert analyses, ensuring a balanced and informed perspective for potential investors and market enthusiasts.

We encapsulate our insights visually, offering a detailed forecast chart for Albany International Corporation in 2029. This visual representation is a blend of historical and projected data, offering a comprehensive view of the stock’s performance. The grey trajectory delineates the historical performance of AIN, while the turquoise trajectory illuminates the anticipated performance, encapsulating potential fluctuations and trends.

At, we go beyond conventional data presentation. Our analyses are ingrained with depth, offering not just numbers but insights that empower informed decision-making. For Albany International Corporation, each data point, each trend, and each projection is a story of potential opportunities, risks, and strategic decisions. Navigate through the intricate world of stocks with data that is as comprehensive as it is precise.

Analyzing the anticipated performance of Albany International Corporation, the ceiling value that the stock is expected to reach in 2029 stands at a promising $115.21. Indicating a bullish trend, an upside potential of 34.34% signals profitable prospects, with an average monthly return of 0.57%, beckoning investors to consider amplifying their portfolios.

On the flip side, the floor value that Albany International Corporation stock may plummet to in 2029 is $54.41. Highlighting a potential decline of 57.62%, cautious investment and vigilant monitoring become paramount.

In the grand scheme, a price oscillation channel for Albany International Corporation is foreseeable, bounded by a resistance level of $115.21 and a support frontier at $54.41. This fluctuation breadth of $60.8 presents nuanced investment gateways and exit junctures, pivotal for strategic stock trading.

The pendulum of market dynamics sways amidst myriad factors. The juxtaposition of historical trends, current market sentiments, and forward-looking analytics offers a comprehensive panorama. The breakout potential, trajectory sustenance, and market volatilities are intrinsically tied to economic indicators, policy shifts, and industry innovations. For Albany International Corporation, every forecast, every percentage point, and every market prediction is not just a statistical data point but a narrative woven into the fabric of its corporate journey. As investors and market watchers alike toggle between optimism and caution, each prediction, each high and low, charts the course of Albany International Corporation in the bustling marketplace.

Ascend or descend, each move of Albany International Corporation stock is a pulse in the financial markets, echoing the rhythms of economic cycles, investor sentiments, and market dynamics. With the dawn of each trading day, new opportunities and challenges emerge, painting a vibrant tapestry of Albany International Corporation's stock trajectory in the canvas of global finance.

Let’s delve into an analytical exploration of the support level's robustness for Albany International Corporation stocks. The stock is projected to hover around the support level for 2 months, reflecting the temporal dynamics of Albany International Corporation's stock price. This pattern insinuates minimal volatility, indicating a stabilized stock performance.

Furthermore, it's pivotal to consider that the actual future valuation of Albany International Corporation shares is susceptible to market volatilities and can oscillate both above and below the anticipated forecast price. Yet, it is generally anticipated to oscillate within the confines of the pessimistic and optimistic target price projections. This nuance is integral for investors aiming for balanced portfolio diversification and risk mitigation.

Each projection and statistical insight into Albany International Corporation's performance not only informs investment strategies but also adds a layer to the unfolding narrative of its market journey. As numbers dance and trends oscillate, every investor, analyst, and market enthusiast becomes a witness to the dynamic ballet of figures, forecasts, and financial crescendos that define the stock’s story.

With the interplay of data, predictions, and real-time performance, Albany International Corporation's stock emerges not just as an investment opportunity but as a narrative unfolding in the grand theatre of the financial markets. Each high, low, surge, and dip is a chapter, and every investor, a reader and co-author of this evolving tale.
Table of forecasts for 2029.
Month Mid Low High Range, %
January 2029 102.34 95.34 111.43 14.44 %

Forecast for January 2029.

It is predicted that the price of one Albany International Corporation share in will be in the range of $95.34 to $111.43. The width of this range will be $16.09 (14.44%). The average price is $102.34, which is $1.57 higher than the average price of the previous month.

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