Pro VSA EA – Proffesional Forex Expert Advisor

Making money on trading today is becoming quite realistic. And it is not necessary to finish special training courses and attend endless seminars, where supposedly successful brokers introduce “smart” schemes to the masses to gain income with minimal investment. Many people have already managed to make sure that losing money on Forex is a common thing, which happens quite often.

There are always chances to earn, it is only necessary to choose the right strategy and tools to achieve financial goals. Forex trading robot Pro Vsa EA is a unique resource, with the help of which even a novice trader without special knowledge and experience will be able to reach a steady income. To begin with, the user only needs to install the free version of the robot to understand the work of this financial algorithm without material risks.

The relevance of 

The modern financial market offers people different ways of making money. The concept of trading robots is a relatively new phenomenon in the world of trading. Here it is important to understand the essence of the service we offer and realize that almost all of these robots just carry out the functionality of the previous algorithms that were used in trading a few years ago.

The need for a fundamentally new product that would provide a level of trading with higher profits arose a long time ago.

Trading robot PRO VSA EA is an innovation that is based on a unique algorithm. The new strategy allows the trader to reach a constant profit threshold. The creators of the PRO VSA EA designed this mechanism based on 11 years of experience of victories and errors in the international Forex arena.

Creating a profitable trading robot became especially relevant after the series of financial crises that shook the world economy in recent years. Obviously, now traders are striving to find more effective tools for working on the exchange, which not only stabilize income, but also minimize possible losses in the future.

According to, the maximum profitability of the PRO VSA EA trading robot can be over 250% annually. This level of financial return the investor will not receive in any, even the largest banks.

Pro VSA EA forex robot features

The platform is a good starting point for beginning traders on their way to gaining financial income. Conducting transactions in the Forex market does not guarantee a depositor a large profit; on the contrary, many beginners have already experienced financial losses. This is partly due to lack of experience, and partly due to the fact that the tools that are common today for online trading are not effective.

Traders who choose the Pro VSA EA get a chance to start trading with a profitable trading strategy as soon as they register with the system. This trading methodology has been tested over the past years and has repeatedly proved to be effective. It is also convenient that you can try the advisor in a test mode, without spending any money.

The basis of the review of the forex robot Pro VSA EA is a unique methodology developed by the creators of the platform. To access the strategy, the user needs to execute a special tariff plan specified on the website. The effectiveness of the strategy is based on the constant monitoring of the trading processes on the market. Only updated data is used for the next plans, not the previous period’s indicators.

An important point in the work of the robot is the option of full control over the broker. This means that the trader can be confident in the safety of his investments, as all trading transactions occur transparently and instantly and can be tracked online. All the data on user accounts and accounts is absolutely confidential.

Pro VSA EA according to Proforexea reviews is based on the principle that the number of profitable transactions should always exceed the losses. To do this, the system uses a special algorithm, in which positions are closed at the most opportune moment. Thus, due to flexibility and mobility in decision-making traders are more likely to earn than to lose.

How to get started with the Pro VSA EA

To start working with Pro VSA EA, a novice trader should choose a VPS server. Its optimal parameters:
– Windows 2008;
– RAM from 2 GB and higher;
– Location: London;
– Recommended company – Chocoping.

Forex trading robot advantages

Features and benefits of the Expert Advisor for forex trading can only be understood after you start trading. You will be able to really appreciate its advantages from your experience. You can also run the robot in test mode. You only need to go to and send a request to the online chat.

Advantages of Pro VSA EA

– Prompt installation, won’t take more than 5 minutes;
– Stable financial income;
– Minimum risks for traders;
– Demo version for beginners;
– High security and reliability;
– Fully automated interface;
– Ability to track any type of transaction;
– Attentive Customer Support Service.

Website –

3 thoughts on “Pro VSA EA – Proffesional Forex Expert Advisor

  1. I just came across this expert about a months and a half ago.
    Downloaded the version from the site and set it up on demo at Tickmill, Live Tickmill FCA, ICmarkets MT5.
    First bad sign was that the expert wouldn’t backtest. Why would someone disable backtesting on an expert that doesn’t need multiple pairs for its work?
    I asked author the question, but Konstantin went all vague, referring to some “defence mechanisms” and “dll dependencies” that make backtesting impossible. Sounded really weird as there are many experts out there, well protected and with dll dependencies, backtesting just fine…
    After a couple of weeks of trading I did the analysis and the strategy didn’t seem very solid: multiple tiny profits and a few chunkier losses, although trending up, smelled of a Demo Grail kind of strategy: an EA that leverages the lack of slippage and delays due to execution with liquidity provider.

    I chatted with the author again, sharing my concerns and asking him if there’s an option to test it in live, with min lot. He refused to accommodate the request, so I sourced the “fixed” version from one of the forums, the one that worked on real just like it was on demo.
    I set it up on my live with min lot of 0.01 solely to verify the performance.
    For another two weeks the expert was working on my live account and, as expected, it was making losses, where his demo brother was making profits – entering at the same point, but with minimal slippage involved, it couldn’t close in the same tiny profit and was falling back to stop loss.
    It is worth mentioning that I have a VIP account with Tickmill, my commissions are minimal and trading conditions are rather perfect. All MT4 instances are running on the beefy VPS with a latency less than 1ms.

    Last Friday I was going through my VPS setup, cleaning and grooming, when I noticed the number of open deals in my trading view starts growing quickly.
    I couldn’t believe what I was seeing at first: every second there was a new order, each one 10 times bigger lot than the previous one.
    It took me few seconds to react and by then I had 6 deals open: 0.01, 0.1, 1, 10, 100 and another 100 lots.
    Those orders didn’t have any comment or magic number associated with them as if someone opened them manually.
    I immediately shut down all terminal instances that were autotrading, switched to the local instance and close all open order – as you can imagine, with substantial loss.
    Further investigation showed those deals appeared in the logs on the MT instance that was running PRO VSA.
    Interestingly enough, it didn’t log anything in the expert log, just the common one.

    It was rather obviously a sabotage by the author that somehow had discovered I was using it on real account.
    Funny enough, the author pinged me in Telegram next morning, calling me names and claiming I “paid for being greedy”.
    I asked him, where did those deals come from and he first was all about “the person who hacked the EA did a mistake, messing it all up”.
    Which can’t be the case by any stretch of imagination: for an advisor to start booking these deals without magic and comment, every second, multiplying the lot by 10 every time – someone should have wrote this code in the EA in the first place.
    In addition, it was working just fine for two weeks.
    When I presented those arguments, the author first suggested that “random portions of the algorithm being executed because the protection has detected the misuse” – which is terrifying idea on its own, suggesting he has embedded the algorithm in the EA that can wipe your account in seconds if for some reason it believes something isn’t working as it should.
    Just to remind you, the official manual suggests to restart the MT with the advisor running every week “to restore the connectivity with the server”.

    After our discussion was published on one of the forums, he has came up with the new idea: he was saying there is a hidden parameter in his code, called “hard scalping” – the one that is turning this draining algorithm on, and the hacker that messed with the code must have switched it on.

    Which, again, doesn’t add up, as the EA was working just fine for two weeks.

    So my inference would be that the author has a button to drain your account.
    This is a wild guess, a speculation – but an alternative explanation, suggesting there is an algorithm in the EA that may decide to do the same isn’t much better really.

    here’s my myfxbook, for anyone interested to take a look:
    You want to filter by magic number 151118 to see the two-weeks long curve trending down.
    Select “manual” in magic analysis to see those USDJPY deals of 211.11 lots in total.

    Just wanted to warn anyone to steer clear of this scam: the EA itself is not good, and the author seems to be dangerous psychopath. You don’t want to hand a keys to your account to this kind of person.
    As a result of the actions of the author, I suffered a real account with 50,000 USD Tickmill, a demo account, as well as several other small accounts, IC

    1. I use this algorithm on the MT5 trading platform to trade indices, so it shows the best results. Many MT4 brokers do not provide the necessary quality of order execution, as a result some trades can be unprofitable

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