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Overview of Elon Musk EA trading robot

It is known that trading robots are a good “silver bullet” for any trader. Indeed, what can be more effective: you only need to install such an Expert Advisor in the trading terminal and start doing your direct duties, and only occasionally review the results of the trading business.
There are dozens of Forex trading strategies today. But it is not so easy to find a stable and reliable automated strategy.

So why pay attention to Elon Musk EA?

Each of us at least once heard the name of a talented American entrepreneur, engineer, billionaire and also the CEO of Tesla and SpaceX – Elon Musk. Some call him a genius and equate him to such great figures as Steve Jobs and Bill Gates. Others consider him an alien sent to Earth to speed up the process of space exploration.
Either way, the innovative trading robot is named after the great inventor because it also sends your trading account into “outer space”. Its efficient algorithm is proof of that.

The Elon Musk trading robot is the result of more than a decade of studying the markets and programming Forex trading robots. It will be perfect for both beginners and professionals. This extremely handy trading advisor will independently detect, buy and sell a certain currency pair at a certain time. It works for you 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

In addition, it is able to make several transactions a day. Its trading strategies are based on volume analysis. In essence, the strategy uses the analysis of sixteen market volume indicators and is controlled with just a few parameters in the algorithm code, which has a full risk management module for trading.

Main advantages of Elon Musk EA trading robot

There are six main qualities that set this trading advisor apart from other robots, namely:
– quick installation based on pre-prepared templates;
– detailed documentation;
– possibility to start working without certain knowledge of Forex trading;
– MT4 / 5 compatible;
– fast and easy way to start automatic trading;
– The ability to trade only 1 currency pair or 26 currency pairs.
Plus, the developers state that there are only “live” tests available. The company offers its customers the opportunity to test the algorithm in real time on a trading account. It is such testing with high accuracy reflects the work of the algorithm, which performs its analysis in real time and makes trading decisions independently.

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